Who Was Adelia Haight McCormick?

Sarah Adelia Haight was born May 8, 1875 in Attica Township, Michigan and married John McCormick on September 29, 1892. She died in 1940 in Oregon.

In March 1929 she wrote a brief family history for “Willie” (presumably her son, William Hilton McCormick). This was transcribed from her handwritten book by her granddaughter, Peggy McCormick Vinson, in December 1971, and is the primary focus of this website.

Adelia’s family history can be traced to Simon Hoyt, born in England ca. 1593 and immigrated to Massachusetts around 1629.

Who Am I?

My name is Scott Anderson. I was born in 1974 and adopted as an infant. I knew nothing of my biological family history until 2003, when, through a combination of luck, sheer determination, and some creative use of Google, I managed to locate my birth mother.

Shortly after we made contact, she sent me a photocopy of Adelia’s memoir as a way for me to connect with my past.

Adelia Haight McCormick was my great-grandmother’s aunt.