God Sent the Butter Right Away

There had been neither butter or meat in Farrem Hie parsonage for some time. Mother made beautiful bread and this we had in plenty at the time of which I now speak. But it was a fact that little Delia could never eat bread and syrup with any degree of relish. In fact even a little %you’d make her sick to her stomach, but hunger had driven even the little girl to eat a number of meals of bread and syrup.

One morning however, she climbed up in her highchair by her Father in no eager manner. She knew there was only bread and syrup for breakfast. They returned thanks and the good pastor put a slier 01 hivad on the little girl’s plate and was about to pour syrup over it, but she pushed her, plate away and said “Delia can’t eat no more bread at all with just syrup on it.” “Oh” says her father. “What will Delia eat then? There isn’t anything else to eat. See, the bread is yerv nice.” “No, no” said the little girl. “Delia just can’t eat it. It makes her all sick at her stomach.” “Oh” says her father. “This makes papa feel very bad. He would so gladly An and buy his little girl some butter but he has no money at all. You know Papa is working for Jesus. Jesus is a good pay master, only the way people won’t mind what tie says makes it so sometimes his little girl has no butter. You see he speaks to people and says, ‘Take some butter over to the parsonage’, and when they mind all is fine. Now, Delia, have you asked Jesus to send you some butter? If you did that I’m sure He would speak real loud to someone and they would bring Delia some butter.” “No” said Delia. “I didn’t ask Jesus.” “Well” said the father, “Run now and do so.”

Down got the little girl from her highchair and away to the bedroom followed by her father. The child knelt down and put up her hands and looked up and said, “dear Jesus, send Delia some butter right away for breakfast. Dear Jesus, send Delia some butter right away for breakfast.” Then the father saw she was getting up, ran back to his place at the table. The little girl climbed up laughing into her chair.

The father was very serious now. He hardly expected his little girl to demand butter right away for breakfast. He said to her “now what about it?” And she said “oh I asked Jesus and He said He would.” Just then a knock came to the door. Father got up and opened the door. There stood our neighbor, the farmer who lived in the tavern, and had some fine cows on his farm. He stood there, a plate in his hand covered with a snovvy cloth. He said “I sure beg your pardon, Elder, I told my wife you would be at breakfast but she would have me bring this roll of butter right away.” Father reached for the butter and set it on the table, then *said, “Come in. Come in. I want to tell you something and show you something right now.” So the man came in. Father said “see the little girl with her piece of dry bread shoved back from her place?” Then he went on with tear dimmed eyes to tell him of the delicate stomach that couldn’t stand syrup and of the childish faith. The man wiped his eyes and Ivent away.

Oh that was good butter, the Lord sent Delia right away for breakfast some fiftythree years ago.