Walter Is Converted

Walter had always attended the Friends church. Oh yes, he also went to the Methodist and the Presbyterian, but he more regularly attended the Friends with hici parents.

Now the Friends were surely old fashioned in those days. They believed to an extreern degree the idea of being led by the Spirit. A large congregation would assemble and perhaps not one word would be spoken. All would sit in silence for an hour. Not a word spoken. Not a movement scarcely. It would be a hushed holy place very often. But on other occasions perhaps Roland Haight would preach a powerful sermon or again perhaps Hannah Haight would bring a precious tender message. Or again some preacher would be present from a distance and preach a blessed sermon. Again, however, even with this all present, they would do as I said before—all sit in silence.

Now on a holy Sabbath day about 18.55—a lady, I can not recall her name, but she preached a sermon on the Judgement. Walter was deeply moved. A company was Invited to the home of a friend. Among them was Walter.

A young lady was walking about in the yard while dinner was being prepared. She came up to Walter and said, “Say, Walt, why didn’t thee get saved todaY.) I see thee was deeply moved.” “Yes,” said he, “I was. So were you.” “Well”, said she, “Walt, I’ll get saved next meeting day if thee will”. “All right”, said Walter, “I will.”

The days passed rapidly. Walter’s mother was praying and the Holy Spirit was speaking. Meeting day came. The people came from miles around and filled the house. The unusual preacher was present, but all sat in hushed silence. The place became awful on account of the voice of God speaking to hearts in silence. Then bursting on the silence came the voice of Walter crving aloud, “Oh, Lord God, have mercy on me. Save my soul!” And in a few minutes God spoke peace to his soul. And he never turned back from following the Lord.

He was about 21 years old when he yielded to God and lacking a few days of 75 years old when he died.