Typhoid Fever and Father Healed of Fever Sore

It was our last year on Farrenville charge when our family was stricken with t)phoid fever. Just before c,ampmeeting sister Libbie went over to Bro. and Sis. Harrington’s to help Sister Harrington get ready for campmeeting. The Harringtons owned and lived on a beautiful farm five miles from Flint City, Michigan. I cannot recall where the cainpmeeting was held, but I remember driving in on the grounds and the welcome of the people. “Oh, Brother Haight! Praise the Lord,” and “Well. Sister Haight.” All %%ith beaming faces.

I remember someone said in answer to Mothei inquiry as to where was Libbie, “Libbie is here. Bro. Harrington’s have their tent up but Libbie is sick

(and here the story stops)