Additional Resources

Adelia Haight McCormick’s story is just the beginning. Through the dedicated work of genealogy enthusiasts in the extended Haight family, records have been traced back through Simon Hoyt, who first came to the Massachusetts colony from England in around 1629. Pieces of the Hoyt-Haight family history can be found on genealogy websites linked below.

The Hoyt-Haight Genealogy

A detailed look by Jared L. Olar at the Hoyt-Haight family history from its Somersetshire origins.

A copiously compiled set of information and links about the ancestry and descendants of Simon Hoyt.

Simon Hoyt, Fact & Fiction

Doug Sinclair’s archive of the details and controversy around Simon Hoyt’s history.

A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight and Hight Families

David Webster Hoyt’s key work from 1871, in eBook form.