Father and Mother Attend a Church Social

Yes, as I said before, Father preached the gospel off and on during all the years of his life after he was first converted. Wherever they lived I believe, except in Wallace township, county of Pearth. Here there was continued %var between Irish Catholics and Irish drangement. Everyone drank and brawled and fought.

Father made some attempt to better conditions and his father while with him also put forth ‘vhat effort he was able to, but they could get no one to hear the gospel story. The ‘one white man’ themselves held some few prayer meetings.

In Yarmouth, Elgin county, Ontario, father had at times regular appointments and saw some souls saved. The NI.E. Church was drifting world ward even in that early day. Father x‘as pi.evailed on to attend a church social one time. lie and Mother both attended.

Now the good brothers and sisters played the game of Snap and Callum. Two brothers and a sister would stand in the middle of the floor with arms around each other. Now the class leader called the minister’s wife and she chased him around and around, dodging and running until’ she caught the good brother. Then he gave her a resounding kiss on the mouth. Now the minister’s wife calls on father to chase her but he begs to be excused much to her confusion. But bravely she chooses another. Finally the minister is up himself chasing a pretty young lady and gives her a kiss.

At the close of this very interesting affair they call on Bro. Haight to lead in prayer. Father kneels and prays, “Oh, lord God, forgive rrie for ever coming to such a place as this. Have mercy upon me and give me strength to get away from here and I promise Thee I will never never come to such a place as this again. So help me God. Amen.”

Everything was very hushed and still after that prayer. Mother very hurriedly got her bonnet and shawl, Father his hat. Needless to say, they never never went to such a place again.