I Asked Jesus for One Pair of Shoes and He Sent Two Pair

I climbed up on my papa’s lap and showed my little worn out shoes. I said “See, Papa, I can’t play out doors at all any more for my shoes are all worn out. My feet are right on the ground.” My kind lather took one line foot in his hand and said, “This makes Papa feel very bad. He would like to get his little girl some shoes right away.” Then taking out his pocket book he said “See. Papa hasn’t any money at all. The folks have again forgotten to mind Jesus when he has told them to pay Papa for preaching the gospeL” “Then” said he, “Suppose you ask Jesus to send you some shoes. You know He loves little girls and hears them when they pray.”

So away I went to the bedroom and prayed as direct as for the butter. “Please, Jesus, send Delia some shoes right away. Please, Jesus, send Delia some shoes right away.”

The answer was not quite as prompt as for the butter. Papa had gone away when a knock came to the door and when Mamma opened the door in came a lady with a pair of shoes in her hand. She said “I hope Mrs. Haight, you won’t be offended, but I got these shoes for George a few days ago. I thought they were plenty large but he just can’t wear them they hurt him so. So I thought maybe Delia could wear them.” I came. The shoes were put on my feet. They were just a fit, but I must say to my shame, I was only mildly pleased at first. They were not a bit pretty and I dearly loved pretty things, especially pretty shoes. However, that afternoon Brother Willie came home with a parcel in his hand. He said “Where is little sister?”

I came quickly. He took me on his lap. Then he said “Oh, you already have new I said “Yes, but they aren’t pretty.” Then his eyes danced and he took off the shoes and put on my feet a pair of shoes pretty enough to delight the heart of any child. “Now” he said, “they’re just a fit but it’s just fine you have have the other pair for you can keep these nice for Sunday and for church.

I did then indeed dance for joy saying, “I asked Jesus for one pair of shoes and he sent me two pair, a homely pair to play in and a pretty pair for Sunday.”