Adelia’s Journeys


According to her own notes, Sarah Adelia Haight was born May 8, 1875 in Attica Township, Lapeer County, Michigan and based on the stories in her book, lived for much of her childhood in or around Flint.


The town of Farenville (sometimes spelled Farrenville), mentioned extensively throughout the book, does not appear to exist today. Did it ever exist? Was this a failure of memory? A transcription error? Adelia does admit, “Well, it could not be called a town in my time of remembering.”

During some research on I managed to track down Walter Smith Haight’s record from the 1880 census, which places the family in Farrandville, in Genesee County, Michigan. This location does exist today on Google Maps, though it’s still not much of a place. Wikipedia describes it as “a small unincorporated community within [Vienna] township at the junction of Saginaw Road (M-54) with Farrand Road and Tuscola Road… just Northeast of Clio. It was named for Ira T. Farrand.”

The mystery is solved!


According to records on, Adelia died in 1940 in Newberg, Oregon.