As a Father

This is a story I heard bro. Wm. tell when he held revival meetings here in Newberg in 1924. He said Father always sent David and he after the cows. This one time he told of he said it was a beautiful summer evening and they played along the way. They wrestled and jumped, threw stones and played tricks.

It was rather late when they reached the woodsy pasture and the cows had found a sheltered nook and laid down. They listened but could not hear the cow belL They look a little and come home without the cows. By this time it was dark.

Father said, “Now, David, you played and loitered by the way. Now you go back and get those cows.” David said, “Can’t Willie go with me?” “No”, said Father, “Willie can’t go with you. Willie, you go to the house, wash your feet and go right to bed. David, you go now and get the cows.”

Well, Father’s word was law, and David mosied. Yes, he even ran part of the way. He could see bears and wildcats on every side. Finally something big and black loomed before him. He thought surely it was a big black bear, and he screamed out in his terrible fright. When just then a pair of loving arms went around him and Father said, “David, my boy.” No, it wasn’t Father that David had seen. It was a big black stump which seemed to be coming right at him.

You see, Father loved that boy too well to really send him alone where he would be so terribly afraid and where there really might be some danger. The boy needed punishment. He thought he was alone but his father was right within reach of his child every step of the way.