Rebecca Haight

Rebecca Ann Frasier was born April 95, 1842, in Murray Township, county of Northumberland, Ontario. She was the daughter of Alexander and Susan Frasier. Her mother died when she was but a few days old and she was adopted by her aunt, who only lived about a year. She was then taken by her grandfather, her mother’s father, Mr. Osterhort, in whose home she lived untill on the 20th day of September, 1857, she was married to Walter S. Haight. To this union were horn six children. DaviclArnokl Haight, born September 19, 1860 in Wallace township, county of Pearth, Ontario; Williamliilton, born the 20th of February, 1863. in Yarmouth Elgin county, Ontario; Iliimah Elizabeth, born August 13, 1865, Richmond, Macomb county, Michigan; Roland Rickison, born August 23. 1871; Sarah Adelia, born NIIIV 8, 1875, in the township of Attica, Lepeer county, Michigan.