A Ruffian Subdued

Father and Mother were holding a revival meeting in a school house not far from Farenville. The meetings were running well with good congregations and souls were – saved, but the good people were much disturbed by a spirit of rowdyism. The back seats would be packed full of rough men and a group of wild girls. Father kindly requested better order, but the appeal was little heeded.

On a certain Sunday night the place was filled to its capacity. A plank was brought in and placed on blocks of wood to make more seating room. God came in power but Satan came also in a disturbing manner. Whispering and tittering became unbearable.

Monday, Father consulted earnestly with the Lord, asked for guidance, for wisdom and strength. Evening came. A good crowd came out, but not as many as on Sunday night. The plank was taken off the blocks and laid on the floor, not being needed.

As the service commenced, a queer thumping noise commenced also, sometimes quite loud, at other times just barely heard. Father got his eye on the rough who seemed to be the ring leader. He was a great big fellow, a lumber jack. He sat eyeing Father defiantly and apparently motionless, but Father’s keen eye soon discovered that “Toot”, as every one called the young giant, was making the thumping noise. He said nothing 1!t he saw Toot was reaching out his long leg and with the toe of his heavy boot was at • als jarring the plank that was laying on the floor, thus making the disturbing

The meeting closed and the roughs rushed out in the hall. Father also slipped quietly out into the hall. There stood Tort, Towering head and shoulders above others. The boys were laughing and .having a great time over the way Tort had disturbed the meeting, and Tort himself, with an oath and a laugh said he would soon drive the — preacher out of the neighborhood. Father stepped up and grabbed the ruffian by the collar of his heavy macinaw shirt, a; A shook him soundly. Tort drew back his huge fist to strike and shouted “Hold on there you — — !”

Father made a second grab with the other hand and shook the Godless youth until he was black in the face. When he finally gasped out “I mean, let go,” Father said, “All -1,fbt, Sir, if you will walk quietly out of here and never attempt to disturb these services • The huge fist the young ruffian had drawn to strike Father fell powerless at his • he walked quietly out, of course followed by the rabble. One brother also out. He heard the boys say “Why didn’t you hit him, Tort? You could have lashed every bone in his body.” “Why didn’t I hit him? I couldn’t hit him. Good Lord, I couldn’t hit him. My arm turned as if paralyzed. That little man is the servant of the Most High God, and say, boys, no more rowdyism here. If any one tries to play anymore dirt on Elder Haight he answers to me. Understand that.”

It is useless to say this ended the disturbance. People continued to pack the house. Souls continued to get saved. Tort ever remained a staunch friend of Fathers, offering to help him in various ways, and quite often handing him money. He would take his team 30and sleighs and gather up the people and bring them to the place “Where prayer was want to be made”, but Tort, sad to say, remained unsaved, saying to Father with tears, “Yes, Elder, I wish I was a christian but I can’t. I can’t. It’s too late for me. There is something dreadful between me and God.”