My Branch of the Family Tree

Working on this site has stimulated my interest in genealogy, and I have begun work on an extensive family tree using

It turns out that I am (along with, at this point, probably 100,000 or more Americans) a direct descendant of Simon Hoyt, born in Somerset, England and immigrated to Massachusetts colony in 1629.

Skipping a couple of living generations (to respect their privacy), here is my line to Simon Hoyt via Adelia’s brother, William Hilton Haight:

  1. [My biological mother]
  2. [Her mother, my biological maternal grandmother]
  3. Blanche Adelia Haight (1901-1988) — my great-grandmother
  4. William Hilton Haight (1863-1925) [brother of Sarah Adelia Haight] — my 2nd great-grandfather
  5. Walter Smith Haight (1834-1908) — my 3rd great-grandfather
  6. Rowland Ricketson Haight (1807-1865) — my 4th great-grandfather
  7. Daniel Haight (1764-1830) — my 5th great-grandfather
  8. Joseph Haight (1718-1805) — my 6th great-grandfather
  9. Moses Haight III (1686-1754) — my 7th great-grandfather
  10. Moses Haight (Hoyt) Jr (1661-1711) — my 8th great-grandfather
  11. Moses Hoyt (1632-1711) — my 9th great-grandfather
  12. Simon Hoyt (1593-1657) — my 10th great-grandfather

Note (April 8, 2022): has changed its link structure since this page was created, and many of these links currently point to the wrong person. I will make corrections as time allows.