Wanderings—He That Keepeth Thee Will Not Slumber

Father and Mother didn’t live long on the little 40 acre farm. Father had bought it on contract, paid some down, paid one or two payments. Then something happened. A man came home from the states and away went the man from ‘vhom father had bought his home. It seems the man never had owned it. Had bought it on contract and never paid for it, but sold it as though he was actual owner. Well, he disappeared and Father and Mother lost their home.

Now they went for a time to work for a second cousin of Father’s, Arnold Haight. Arnold and Rachel. Mother always blessed that year at Rachel Haights, for here she I% as with one who was herself an excellent housekeeper and homemaker and one who was most kind, yet exceedingl? orderly, and took a keen interest in the young inexperienced wife.

Everything was arranged on schedule and put over that wa? as nearl? as possible. They always got up at a certain hour, and the work was planned and done accordingly. Even each child old enough to do anything had their appointed tasks and did them without being told.

Some amusing things Mother told me which occured here I will not take time to relate, except when Milton killed the ugly old gobble. He was a big old fellox. and made even the men run at times.

One day Milton, age three and a half, came in all covered with blood. His mother said, “Milton, what is the matter?” Said he, “I killed the old dobbier.” “You killed the old gobbler! How so?”

“Oh”, said the youngster, “He dotted after me and I dotted after he and I take a stone and I get on to He’s back and I take hold of he’s worm, and I clump him on the head.” They went and sure enough, the old dobbler was dead.

Now Arnoldy Haight and Rachel Haight were educated people. They used very good language and insisted on their children doing the same. Don’t smile at this after reading about the old dobblet—but Milton couldn’t talk plain yet.

However, Mother told me her association with Rachel Ilaight—gifted—refined woman, though a farmer’s wife, had been a life long benefit to her.